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Membership in SRO of builders. To become member of SRO and get approval

Membership in SRO without bureaucratic acrimony! «CESK» LLC invites for cooperation all those who urgently need an approval of SRO of builders or other self-regulating organizations.

ОAfter consulting with CESK experts you will be able not only to become member of SRO (promptly receive certificate of clearance) but also to use the wide range of services aimed at extension of your business opportunities.


«CESK» LLC highly appreciates each one of its clients and acts in their interests regardless of time zones and distance. We actively develop the network of our representative offices in different regions of Russian Federation. As of today, regional representative offices of CESK are already opened in 19 cities in Russia.

You can call by the common free telephone number 8 (800) 555-02-78 from anywhere in Russia.

Dear clients, please find below costs of services for membership on SRO of builders and other SRO as well as other kinds of services:

Name of service Performance period Service form Cost
Membership in SRO, getting approval 1 day and more «turnkey» FREE
Advanced training of builders, engineers 3 day and more full-time, extra-mural от 5500 RUB
ISO 9001 certification 3 day «turnkey» 50 000 RUB
Certification of Works and Services 7 day «turnkey» 35 000 RUB

List of document needed to become member of SRO of builders 

Clients that make an order by means of the website are guaranteed to receive 5% discount.

Providing assistance in SRO membership, Expert Client Support Centre relies exclusively on the authentic and real time data.

Our regional representative offices function in many cities in Russia. Officers of Cooperation with Non-Commercial Partnerships Department regularly track and analyze information about partnerships (Moscow, St. Petersburg, other regions of Russian Federation).

Do you need to urgently become a member of SRO, quickly receive an approval, and do you lack staff members with required qualification?

  • You will receive a detailed consultation about conditions of membership in SRO, principles and requirements of a self-regulating organization.
  • You will be provided with prompt detailed recommendations regarding missing documentation and elimination of hidden mismatches.
  • CESK specialists will analyze the qualification composition of your company for conformity with requirements of SRO of builders and, if necessary, provide for additional training for your employees.
  • В ряде случае необходимо получить допуск к работам в срочном порядке. Мы предоставим вам возможность вступить в СРО по ускоренной программе.

«CESK» LLC provides professional help in getting approvals and offers juridical support to clients at any stage of membership in SRO of builders, developers, surveyors, fire and industrial safety, energy auditors (Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of Russian Federation).