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We are acting in your best interest
and work with all regions of the Russian

  • (495) 649-85-78 (Moscow)
  • (800) 555-02-78 (Free for Russia)
  • (812) 648-29-68 (Saint Petersburg)
  • mon–fri 9:00 - 18:00

The list of representative offices in regions

We are pushing the boundaries. Expert Support of Clients Centre has an extensive network of regional representatives in various towns and cities of Russia. Appealing to us, you are guaranteed to get professional consultation and service.

We act for your benefit.

To get an access to SRO in a region or use other services of ECSC contact the nearest representative office of our Centre.  

Our single free telephone number in Russia: 8 (800) 555-02-78

Altai Krai: 656015 Altai Krai, Barnaul, Sverdlova Str. 82-15

Republic of Bashkortostan: 450022, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa

Bakalinskaya Str. 9 (building 2)-407

Voronezh region: 394086, Voronezh, L.Shevtsova Str, 27

Republic of Komi: 167000, Republic of Komi, Syktyvkar, Oktyabrsky Av. 50

Krasnodar Krai: 350089, Russia, Krasnodar Krai, Chekistov Av. 38-10

Kursk region: 305001 Kursk, Druzhininskaya Str. 4

Republic of Mordoviya: 430005, Republic of Mordoviya, Saransk, Moskovskaya Str. 14

Nizhny Novgorod region: 603140 Nizhny Novgorod, Motalny lane 8-123

Novosibirsk region: 630075, Novosibirsk, Tankovaya Str. 72

Perm Krai: 614068, Perm, Kommunisticheskaya Str. 119-а61

Rostov region: 344007, Rostov-on-Don, Shaumyana Str. 48

Samara region: 443023, Samara, Promyshlennosti Str. 267-2

Saint-Petersburg: Saint-Petersburg, Kollontay Str. 12-А, phone number +7 (812) 647-06-86

Saratov region: Saratov, Kraevaya Str. 85-106

Republic of Sakha/Yakutiya: 678170, Mirnyi, Tihonova Str. 9-17

Sverdlovsk region: 620144, Yekaterinburg, Sheinkmana Str. 124-30

of Tatarstan: 420088, Kazan, Kaspiyskaya Str. 33

Khabarovsk Krai: 680033 Khabarovsk, Tihookeanskaya Str., 204