Our partners

NCP SRO « the Union of general building contractors» created under the auspices of the Association of Russian Builders is our strategic partner within the process of building and design organizations entering self-regulating structures.

NСP SRO «Volgograd builders»

  Our company is the official representative of NP «Volgograd builders» which was credited the status of self-regulating organization (SRO) on the 25th of December 2009.  

  Among the distinctive features of NP SRO «Volgograd builders» we can mention its modest entrance fee and a small set of documents required for the membership. Join the SRO and get approval for the alleged types of work in it. Note: the approval is valid throughout the territory of Russian Federation. 

Ltd «Building support center» — specialized in providing comprehensive services dealing with building is our strategic partner in the field of voluntary certification.

Ltd «Audit Standart» (Khabarovsk) is our reliable partner in the sphere of consulting and certification services.