Non-commercial partnership SRO « APSK»

NСP "SRO APSK "NСP SRO «APSK»  – interregional interagency organization bringing together partners from the sphere of building on the basis of common interests, joint projects and ideas. Our members fulfill works on various objects in dozens of regions of Russia.

The Partnership has its own loyalty program (the program supporting the members specialized on different professions). Within the framework of the program there have been established partnership relations with various organizations which gives our members certain preferences when they need to use these or those services provided by the structures.

Moreover, the partnership cooperates with experienced experts, construction laboratories and certification centers which allows our members to carry out necessary studies, effectively complete their work and cope with handing over their facilities in time.

The partnership does not stand still. It continues developing new programs and projects designed to help building companies to make their functioning more affective and economical.