SRO «Interregional Association of Constructor Companies «Russtroy»

Non-commercial partnership «Interregional Association of Constructor Companies “Russtroy» obtained the status of SRO in January 22, 2010. Serial number in the SRO register: СРО-С-181-22012010. The union consists of more than 130 professional enterprises. There are obligatory membership payments for the partnership members:

  • 50 000 RUB – attendance fee (one-time payment);
  • 300 000 RUB – contribution to the compensation fund (plus compulsory civil liability insurance);
  • 100 000 RUB – membership dues (annual payment).

A distinctive feature and bonus of SRO NCP «Interregional Association of Constructor Companies «RUSSTROY» is a formal approach towards each of its members and the real willingness to defeat their interests. For many small construction companies to join the profile SRO is connected with considerable financial expenditures, the lion's share of which is to pay a one-time contribution to the compensation fund. Due to the partnership with the leading Moscow banks there is a 10% per annum credit granting system for members of SRO NCP “Interregional Association of Constructor Companies «RUSSTROY» so as they form a compensation fund.

Due to this program membership dues for the SRO are made in full not with a lump sum, but during one year.

The decision either to grant the loan or not is taken as soon as possible.