Non-commercial partnership SRO IATB

The Expert center of customer support is accredited as an information and consulting center belonging to NСP «Interregional Association of Transport Building» (NP «MOTS»). The position of the President of NСP «IATB» is currently taken by A. Sh. Shamuzafarov also known as State Advisor of Russian Federation (1st Class). This NСP SRO was created under the auspices of the members of Russian Builders Association.

On the 15 th of December 2009 NP «IATB» was credited the status of self-regulating organization (SRO).

Our company is able to provide the following professional services on joining NСP SRO «Interregional Association of Transport Building »:

- free advice on joining the SRO;

- gathering the set of documents necessary for SRO membership;

- maintenance until getting the relevant approval for the alleged types of work.