Non-commercial partnership SRO «Volgograd builders»

Our company is the official representative of NСP «Volgograd builders» which was credited the status of self-regulating organization (SRO) on the 25 th of December 2009.

Among the distinctive features of NСP SRO «Volgograd builders» we can mention its modest entrance fee and a small set of documents required for the membership. Join the SRO and get approval for the alleged types of work in it. Note: the approval is valid throughout the territory of Russian Federation.

For membership in this NСP SRO you will need:

1. Application for membership in NP.

2. Entrance fee - 5000 rubles.

3. The set of documents:

  • The Charter of the organization.
  • The foundation agreement.
  • The minutes of the founders’ meeting № 1.
  • Decision of a certain member.
  • The paper on the appointment of the Head (administrator).
  • TIN (Tax Identification Number) Certificate.
  • Certificate from The Unified State Taxpayer Register (EGRN).
  • The details of the organization.

Juridical persons with a single founder don’t have to provide the foundation agreement and the minutes of the founders’ meeting № 1.

Individual entrepreneurs don’t have to provide the Charter of the organization, the foundation agreement, the minutes of the founders’ meeting № 1 and decision of a certain member.

Our specialists will complete the work on gathering the necessary set of documents on their own.