Assessment of workplaces

Assessment of workplaces.jpg «ECSC» LLC is an accredited center of services in the sphere of occupational health and safety, and it provides a full complex of activities for preparation and conduct of workplace assessment at enterprises regardless of the sphere of their activities and ownership type. The assessment of working conditions is conducted with the help of ergonomic, laboratory and instrumental research methods. 

Specialists of our center conduct assessment of workplaces in the following areas of focus:

  • analysis of hazardous and harmful production factors (measurement and assessment of chemical and physical factors: chemical composition of the air, non-ionizing radiation, microclimate, vibration, noise, lighting);
  • analysis of workflow intensity and load;
  • analysis of the level of workplace injury prevention (assessment of equipment and instruments regarding conformity with the fixed safety standards);
  • analysis of conformity with the fixed standards of provision of personnel with personal protection equipment.

«ECSC» LLC conducts assessment of workplaces by working conditions in accordance with the requirements set forth in normative documents (to the full extend and within the prescribed time limits). At every stage of assessment, our clients receive instrumental and consulting support.

Following the results of the workplace assessment you receive the following set of documents:

  • Protocols of workflow and human resources factors measurement.
  • Spreadsheets of workplaces and results of their assessment by working conditions in departments.
  • Cards of workplace certification by working conditions.
  • Summary spreadsheet of workplaces and results of their assessment.
  • Draft of a plan of actions necessary for sanitation and improvement of working conditions.

Besides, «ECSC» LLC will settle all formalities with the inspectorate of labor connected with reporting about the assessment process.

Time period, cost and procedure of the workplace assessment are talked over individually with every client.

What is assessment of workplaces and why is it necessary

According to p. 209 of Russian labor law, assessment of workplaces is defined as a complex of activities including expert and instrumental valuation of working conditions aimed at estimating professional risks of employees at a certain production place. The goal of its conduct is revealing of hazardous and/or harmful production factors and elaboration of recommendations for bringing the working conditions in line with occupational health and safety requirements of national regulations. The results of workplace assessment have to be submitted to the State inspectorate of labor.

All workplaces at an enterprise, regardless of its ownership type, are subject to assessment (p. 212 of Russian labor law), the assessment procedure is regulated by the Order of Ministry of Health Care and Social Development of Russian Federation № 569 as of 31.08.2007.

Workplace assessment by working conditions is an obligatory procedure that has to be conducted at least once in five years.

What is the liability of employers for evading workplace assessment

According to the active law, provision of safe working environment, namely: assessment of workplaces, certification of works by occupational health and safety and provision of production control – is one of the main responsibilities of the employer.

Company’s chief executives are personally responsible for untimely conduct of workplace assessment or evasion from it (p. 212 of Russian labor law). Their actions fall under paragraph 5.27 of Administrative Offences Code of Russian Federation and imply a wide range of sanctions: issuing of relevant prescripts, imposition of administrative penalties and suspension of the production activity, disqualification of senior executive officers for up to 3 years (in case of repeat violation).

What advantages does workplace assessment provide

Timely assessment of workplaces by working conditions gives the enterprise an opportunity to:

  • differentiate the tariffs paid to the Pension fund;
  • justify compensations and benefits for work in hazardous and harmful conditions;
  • justify expenses connected with improvement of working conditions (acquisition of additional means of protection, special clothing etc.) including it in the cost of goods production;
  • receive compensation of Social Insurance Fund for assessment of workplaces equal to 20% of the incurred expenses;
  • receive up to 40 % discounts on insurance tariffs paid by the enterprise according to the compulsory work accident insurance.

Factors determining the cost of workplace assessment

The cost of workplace assessment is defined individually for each enterprise, as it is determined by the following factors:

  • the enterprise’s sphere of activity;
  • level of harmful conditions of the works conducted;
  • number of necessary measurements (according to presence of certain harmful factors) at each workplace;
  • number of workplaces at the enterprise to be assessed.

To order a service or consult with an expert:

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