QMS certification (quality management systems)

Quality management system certification is set on a voluntary basis. Certification procedure is regulated by government standard acts and documents.

Plc.«ECSC» offers a wide range of services on management systems certification on a voluntary basis, including QMS development and implementation based on ISO 9001 (State Standard ISO 9001-2011) and other specialized standards harmonized with ISO 9000.

Constantly developing market and severe competition have caused Russian companies to give priority to quality. QMS has turned into a necessary management instrument.

Obtaining of quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 allows enterprises of all scope of activities to demonstrate to their target groups their ability to provide services or to manufacture products which fully correspond to the requirements of both the law and a customer.

All the other standards are distinguished by detailed and advanced requirements towards management systems, taking into consideration sectoral peculiarity or organization scope of activity.

Management systems certification services granted by Plc. ECSC

A conformity certificate for management systems displays data about an organization which has undergone a certification procedure, and also the part of certification to which extend the effect of the given document.

Certified quality management system is a complex implementation of a wide range of management, financial, personnel and marketing tasks, a strong instrument for considerable achievements!

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