Integrated management systems (IMS)

Development, implementation and certification of integrated management systems.Building of the various options of IMS based on general and branch standards.

Integrated management system is a system of quality, risk, health and safety, environmental and information security administration.

«Expert Client Support Centre» offers two options for building IMS in your enterprise:

  • Sequential integration of management systems in the existing QMS, embedded on the basis of ISO 9001 – additive model;
  • simultaneous implementation of multiple systems - a fully integrated model*.

*This option greatly simplifies the subsequent certification of IMS and seems to be preferable in the organizational and economic aspects.

Standards for integrated management systems

The advantages of building of an integrated management system

  • minimum functional dissociation and high coordination of theorganization management structures;
  • total amount of documentation, that is much inferior to the total volume of several systems;
  • lower complexity of the implementation and development of the integrated system in comparison with stand-alone QMS;
  • optimal system development and certification costs.

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