Certification ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is a series of international management system standards in the field of food safety. The analogue of this standard in Russia is State Standard Р ISO 22000-2007.

Certification cost ISO 22000

Number of personnel Service form Performance period Cost
Up to 25 persons " turnkey " 20 days 75 000 RUB
 Up to 50 persons  " turnkey " 20 days 105 850 RUB
 Up to 75 persons  " turnkey " 25 days 125 000 RUB
 More than 75 persons " turnkey " 25 days 150 000 RUB

 Today the demands towards food quality are high. But unlike the demands to quality, which can vary depending on definite customers’ requirements, the demands towards food safety are stable. When starting the manufacture a manufacturer assumes responsibility to a customer for his production. Food companies which tend to be competitive and retain their position in the market must take into consideration the risks connected with food safety. 

ISO 22000 series standards are based on compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements for production, careful analysis of the production process in order to identify possible risks of food and establish measures of preventing, eliminating or reducing these risks to an acceptable level.

The successful implementation of food safety management system in accordance with ISO 22000 standard requirements provides the company with great benefits:

  • the possibility of certification of food safety management system of the company in compliance with international standards;
  • management system based on world acknowledged principles;
  • use of precautionary management measures instead of delayed control;
  • documentary confirmation of food production safety;
  • possibility for the company to enter the international market;
  • benefits of the participation in contests and tenders;
  • growth of consumers’ trust towards the production, which causes increasing of the production competitiveness.

Currently State Standard P ISO 22000-2007 is introduced as a national standard. However companies can choose a variant of development and certification: either State Standard P 51705.1-2001 or State Standard ISO 22000-2007. The latter variant is more complicated but guarantees higher trust level among local and especially foreign customers.

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