FSB of Russia licenses: secret of state, encrypting, for building

fsb.jpgAccording to legislation of Russian Federation FSB license is required for implementation of all activities conducted at sites with special regime of secret of state. Presence of this authorization document is one of the basic requirements set forth by the governmental ordering customer to the participants in tenders to enter into a state contract (works at sensitive or private facilities).

«ECSC» LLC has all the necessary resources and considerable experience in providing legal and consulting services for licensing. With the help of our experts receiving of FSB of Russia license or its prolongation (renewal) passes as quickly as possible.

What is needed form your side for obtaining an FSB license?

To submit the full set of documents.

The set of documents for receiving an FSB license by an organization or individual entrepreneur. icon-word.gif

Our actions: 

  • Detailed legal consultation and calculation of possible risks of an adverse situation.
  • Examination of the set of documents provided.
  • Assistance for drafting of application for an FSB license.
  • Submission of documents (if there is a power of attorney) and representation of the client’s interests in FSB agencies (LSZ FSB of RF center).
  • Receiving the license.

Name of the service Service form Performance period Cost
Consultations services on receiving an FSB license Individually 3 months Government expert review – 70800 RUB / 1-2 weeks
FSB license prolongation Individually 3 months Government expert review – 50000 RUB / 1-2 weeks
Written legal consultation Individually 2-3 days 15 000 RUB

Validity period and territory of FSB license

This document is valid over the whole territory of Russia including establishments belonging to Russian Federation and situated on the territory of other countries.

Validity period of the FSB license received for the first time can come up to 3 years. Re-issued license is valid for 5 years, as a rule.

List of types of activities subject to FSB licensing

Licenses for conduct of works with secret of state:

  • activity connected with using the data classified as a secret of state;
  • activity aimed at producing data security facilities;
  • service and/or efforts in the sphere of secret of state protection.

License for encrypting:

  • activity for development, production, maintenance and distribution of encryption (cryptographic) means of telecommunications and information systems;
  • services in the field of information encryption (cryptography);
  • activity connected with identification of electronic devices by means of which information is obtained;
  • works on creation of facilities of protecting information constituting a secret of state.

Building FSB licenses:

  • construction work conducted at sensitive sites (objects of Defense Ministry, Interior Ministry, Federal Security Service) with use of documents and information containing state secrets.

Procedure of receiving an FSB license

After the transfer of documents to the FSB, the Federal Security Service conducted a special examination of the individual entrepreneur or organization for compliance of the applicant with the licensing requirements. During the examination the documents related to the secret of state, the head of the organization (his/her competence and access to secrets of state), the sensitive division are checked. Once the FSB examination is finished, the license is issued.

More detailed information on how to receive an FSB license, licensing period and reasons for denial of this authorization document will be promptly provided to you by our consultants.

To order a service or consult with an expert:

  • +7 (495) 649-85-78 – for Moscow;
  • +7 (812) 648-29-68 – for St. Petersburg;
  • 8 (800) 555-02-78 – free multichannel line for the regions.