Obtaining restoration license

Restoration license of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation is a necessary condition for legitimate restoration and civil works on objects considered to be cultural heritage.

Name of the service Service form Performance period Cost
The minimum set  «turnkey» 2 months 390 000 RUB*

Our fees are included in the total price, regardless of the number of species and is 30 000.

* The license price for the restoration is calculated individually and depends on the types of work, their quantity and availability of specialists.

Regulating framework:

  • Federal Law № 99-FL "About licensing certain types of activities."
  • Regulations on the licensing of cultural heritage restoration (monuments of history and culture), approved by the Government of the Russian Federation in February 20, 2007, number 117.

Licensing subject

Restoration license is required for companies and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the design and production work on the conservation and restoration of cultural and historical monuments and buildings that are of historical value.

Requirements for licensee

An organization applying for a restoration license must have definite staff. A number of such specialists and their qualification are set depending on the declared types of work.

Classifier of works subject to licensing of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation 

Licensed territory and duration

A license for restoration work is granted permanently and is valid on the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

Please note that when you make changes in the constituent documents (the change of registered office, etc.), or expand the list of works to perform, re-licensing is not available. You will need to get a new license, taking the appropriate test for compliance with the licensing requirements of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

ECSC experts will carry out:

  • preparation of documents for submission to the licensing authority - Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation;
  • organizing staff training in a specialized training center (if needed);
  • inspection and preparation of documents required during the verification directly in the enterprise.
List of required documents to submit to Ministry of Culture of the Russian federation..

Advantages of cooperation with ECSC:

  • Absence of intermediaries in interaction with licensing authorities;
  • Minimum time for restoration license obtaining;
  • Loyal financial policy;
  • Deep knowledge of the laws, wide experience and high level of professionalism of the experts engaged in consulting and legal support.

Contact our expert to get a detailed consultation on the service of restoration license obtaining:

  • +7 (495) 649-85-78 – for Moscow;
  • +7 (812) 648-29-68 – for St. Petersburg;
  • 8 (800) 555-02-78 – free multichannel line for the regions.