Advanced training for builders, experts training for SRO

w.pngWhen ordering advanced training for at least 5 specialists you get 30% discount for GOST R ISO 9001-2008 certification which you can use within 1 month.

Types of works Training period Service form Cost*
* When ordering training for at least 7 specialists
** When ordering training for at least 7 specialists
*** Depending on the program chosen
**** Please call to confirm the cost of a certain training program
Advanced training 72 hours «turnkey» 5500 RUB*
Advanced training 104 hours «turnkey» 8500 RUB**
Rostekhnadzor certification - «turnkey» от 5500 RUB***
Other training programs-«turnkey»от 1500 RUB****
Stages of advances training for builders:
Calling or leaving an online-request on the web-site.
Receiving a consultation of a specialist, selecting a necessary training program or certification.
Providing details of the company for drafting of the service contract.
Paying for the Contractor’s services, submitting necessary documents (Application for training (certification), documents of students, persons being certified).
Receiving services.
Receiving documents on advanced training or certification.


Advanced training for builders if one of the kinds of occupational training during which specialists improve their theoretic knowledge and develop practical skills.

Requirements for qualification of specialists in building, design and engineering and exploration organizations are clearly defined by the law. The issue of timely advanced training is especially topical for individual entrepreneurs and companies seeking to become members of SRO.

«ECSC» LLC has broad experience in providing short-term and long-term training of management, building engineers and workers. With our help you will manage to solve the problem of personnel training necessary for SRO approval promptly and with least expenses.

Advanced training for builders with «ECSC» LLC is:

  • Organization of occupational training of your company’s personnel in case of expansion of its activity.
  • Best suited for your form of training (full-time or distance, allowing to learn the curriculum without discontinuing work).
  • The most topical training programs tailored with due regard to significant aspects in the field of legal, technological and technical support of building, and building activities of SRO of builders.
  • Convenient payment system, including the ability to pay for advanced training by bank transfer.
  • Competitive, reasonable prices.
  • Diagnosis of the staff of your company according to the requirements of SRO.
  • Advisory services and preparation of a full set of documents for receiving SRO approval for alleged types of works.

Supporting documents:

  • All professionals who have finished short-term advanced training courses (from 72 to 100 academic hours) are granted authorization documents in the state approved format.
  • Those who have completed courses of more than 100 academic hours are granted certificates in the state approved form.

Areas of training:

  • Advanced training in construction/engineering/exploration.
  • Advanced training in environment.
  • Advanced training in the sphere of construction of especially dangerous, technically complicated and unique objects of capital building.
  • Basic fire safety.
  • Welder of Gosgortekhnadzor (I level), Welder-controller of Gosgortekhnadzor (II level).
  • The installer of electric lifts (elevators).
  • Responsible person for the design and safe operation of elevators.
  • Responsible person for technical maintenance and repair of elevators.
  • Responsible person for installation and commissioning of elevators.
  • Persons responsible for the safe operation of cranes (once in 3 years) - (PB 10-257 - 98) – loader crane, (PB 10-157-97) - pipe-laying crane.
  • Safety regulations up to 1000 V — for worker and engineers and technicians, safety regulations up to 1000 V for the chief power engineer, safety regulations more than 1000 V.
  • Persons responsible for the safe operation of cranes (once in 3 years).
  • NAKS assessment.
  • Gas welder.
  • Gas and arc welder.
  • and a number of other areas (you can get more detailed information regarding training programs and cost from our experts).

Human resource is the most significant of resources!

We work with all regions of Russian Federation (Moscow, St. Petersburg and others).

To order a service or consult with an expert:

  • +7 (495) 649-85-78 – for Moscow;
  • +7 (812) 648-29-68 – for St. Petersburg;
  • 8 (800) 555-02-78 – free multichannel line for the regions.