Qualification certificate. Certification of the personnel of construction companies

Qualification certificate.jpg In the current situation the certification of personnel is an effective mechanism which regulates qualification level of specialists and managers of construction companies which are a part of SRO or apply to become a member of these associations. Professional qualification certification includes a set of software-algorithmic, technical, organizational, scientific and methodological measures which are used to establish correspondence between the levels of knowledge and competence of specialists and managers and their positions. Qualification certificate issued to the employee confirms that he possesses professional knowledge and skills required to perform job duties.

At present, the employees certification of member companies of SRO of designers and constructors according to the Federal Law # 240 "About Amendments to the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation and certain legislative acts of RF" (as amended on 27.07.2010) is one of the requirements that are minimum demands for obtaining a certificate of admission to the work on the construction and project documentation preparation (Civil Code of RF article.55.5, p.8.1/p.8.2). Besides, according to the current legislation, the persons with academic degrees and titles are not exempt from attestation. 

Professional certification of personnel is necessary to protect the consumers’ interests, and also as an additional guarantee of safety of the construction work towards the environment, property and health of third parties. Besides by means of high professional level of the employees of the companies that form the membership, the qualification certification ensures competitiveness and sustainable development of NCP in the conditions of market economy.

Purpose and term of personnel certification in construction companies

According to officially established order specialists and managers of construction companies, who have completed attestation, get a qualification certificate, recognized as valid for the next three years. Also, all employees of construction companies which are members of SRO, who either have a certificate of admission for the execution of the declared type of work, or claim to get it, must complete advanced training with the succeeding certification not less frequently than once every five years.

Purposes of periodical personnel certification:

  • to increase the level of responsibility for professional qualification and work, effectiveness, security, labor quality and also necessary professional knowledge;
  • to test skills and knowledge of those who are responsible for the organizational and technical support of excavation and construction work;
  • to test skills and knowledge of those whose professional activity is related to the implementation of design work required for the construction of buildings and structures;
  • to assess a possibility of admitting a person to construction work relating to hazardous;
  • to set the level of correspondence between professional skills and knowledge of personnel and qualification requirements established for the person who holds the position of engineering technician specialist, master or superintendent.

The persons who have successfully completed qualification testing, get qualification certificate corresponding to the established pattern.

Efficient attestation without extra financial costт

Plc. ECSC is an accredited centre for personnel certification with the right to grant an appropriate certificate. It suggests cooperation to all representatives of building sphere who plan to join SRO and who are interested in obtaining the appropriate permits. With us you can be sure that personnel certification will be carried out as quickly as possible and in strict accordance with the law.  

Certification is conducted in the following areas:

  • construction
  • design
  • architecture
  • engineering surveys for construction

Certification is verified by a state-recognized qualification certificate. 

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