Registration of electrolaboratories (ETL)

Going through such procedure as registration of electrolaboratory (ETL) is a necessary condition for approval of a specialized elecrtomeasuring laboratory for taking measurements and carrying out preventive tests of electric plants with a right to issue protocols.

The law provides for possibility to register both fixed-site and portable electrotechnical laboratories (ETL).

Performance period Cost Government duty
1 month 75 000 RUB 24 780 RUB

ООО «CESK» has quite wide experience of interaction with oversight and approval authorities. The experts of our company will help you to receive electrolaboratory registration certificate on the most convenient and beneficial terms and properly represent your interests in Rostechnadzor.

Electrolaboratory registration certificate: validity period and territory, re-registration procedure

Electromeasuring laboratory registration certificate issued by Rostechnadzor at your organization’s legal address is valid for 3 years over the whole territory of Russia.

Electrolaboratories that are interested in further conduct of the works specified in the registration certificate have to get this document re-issued after its expiry. The procedure of re-issue is the same as at the primary registration – it is necessary to submit the required set of documents and successfully pass Rostechnadzor’s examination.

List of documents needed for Electrolaboratory (ETL) registration certificate.

What is included in electrolaboratory registration service?

  • Consultation of a qualified expert with due regard to specific character of activity of the organization that files a request for registration.
  • Expert review of submitted documents regarding compliance with legal requirements.
  • Development of the missing documentation as well as methods of measurements and testing (if needed).
  • Final compilation of the set of documents.
  • Provision of expert and consultation maintenance of ETL during registration process or direct representation of its interests and receiving of the certificate (in case there is a letter of attorney) in Rostechnadzor’s agencies.


  • In case of necessity «CESK» LLC will assist you in:
  • Conducting employees appraisal (IV, V groups of electrical safety);
  • Supply the missing equipment to the laboratory.

To make an order or consult with an expert:

  • +7 (495) 649-85-78 – for Moscow;
  • +7 (812) 648-29-68 – for St. Petersburg;
  • 8 (800) 555-02-78 – free multichannel line for the regions.

Documents necessary for registration of electrolaboratory in Rostechnadzor

1. Copy of the Charter of the organization.

2. Copy of the foundation agreement (if any).

3. Copy of certificate from The Unified State Register.

4. Copy of certificate from the tax authority (with ITN (Tax Identification Number) and TRR (tax registration reason code)).

5. Copy of certificate from Goskomstat (Federal Public Statistics Service) of Russian Federation about codes assignment.

6. Copies of electrolaboratory’s employees’ certificates about approval of work with electric plants with the right for testing and measuring of electric plants (at least three certificates with the right to test high-pressure equipment), copy of knowledge assessment journal.

7. Copies of laboratory’s employees’ education certificates.

8. Copies of electromeasuring instruments’ calibrations.

9. Organization’s registration card (details of the organization).

10. The original of the laboratory’s registration certificate (in case of prolongation of the certificate).