Specialists for membership in SRO. Document preparation, recruitment, training of the personnel

staff-pic.jpgFederal law imposes on the staff and qualification of the personnel of the company d applying for membership in SRO, strict requirements. Self-regulating organizations are responsible for the quality of work, as a result, they are straight interested in the executors for these types of work who have the required qualification.

It will be recalled that membership in SRO and getting approvalthe company's staff should include professionals with secondary vocational and higher specialized education who did timely extension courses (at least once in five years). As for work experience, it should be three years for those with higher education, and five years for those with secondary vocational education.

In practice, the lack of the required number of specialists for SRO who have the required education, qualification and work experience or documentary evidence of their competence is the main cause of refusal to applicants for membership in the self-regulating organization.

Without getting the relevant approval for the alleged types of work, the company is in a critical situation. Selecting the appropriate requirements to the SRO staff, and putting the documents in the desired order, it wastes time that could be used for the execution of orders.

“CESK” Llc. offers its customers a complete support in membership in SRO and within this service it is ready to undertake the preparation of documents for specialistsfor SRO, recruitment and training of the missing personnel.

Experts of “CESK” will check how accurately the documents for specialists of your company meet the requirements of SRO and will promptly eliminate gaps, identify lack of data or mistakes.

Over the years of work, due to the collaboration with the leading recruitment agencies in Moscow we have created an extensive data bank of experts in various fields, which include locating engineers, planners, professionals in the field of energy inspection, civil engineers, etc. Each of the specialists recommended for SRO by “CESK” has the proper documents: a professional graduate degree or specialized education, qualification certificate corresponding to the state model, certificate of timely extension courses. You can sign a contract with them for one-shot job or permanent employment.

If necessary, extension courses and competency assessment are available in our training center for your company’s staff.

Price on the service for membership in SRO includes services for recruitment of specialists for SRO! 

Free consultation on document preparation for SRO specialists and detailed information:

  • +7 (495) 649-85-78 – for Moscow;
  • +7 (812) 648-29-68 – for St. Petersburg;
  • 8 (800) 555-02-78 – free multichannel line for the regions.