Membership in SRO of energy auditors

SRO of energy auditors.jpg Membership in SRO of energy auditors for organizations specializing in energy inspections not only reflects the process of reformation of the branch but also is a vital necessity for core businesses.

The legal base of organization of SRO of energy auditors (SROE) is federal law № 261 «On energy saving and furthering energy efficiency and amending certain regulatory acts of Russian Federation» as of 23.11.2009.  

What is SRO of energy auditors and what are its goals?

Self-regulating organizations in the sphere of energy audit are organized communities of non-commercial character (non-commercial partnerships), built according to professional criterion, with participation of legally accountable persons as well as domestic and foreign entrepreneurs whose area of activity is energy inspections.

Energy audit of an enterprise is a complex notion. Among activities connected with energy inspection of an object are gathering and analysis of the primary data (technical and financial information), preparation of a balance-sheet of consumption and distribution of energy resources, finding of unjustified losses.

Besides, during the energy audit, methods and a set of means for optimization of energy saving are elaborated and respective recommendations for their implementation are issued.

Thus, the main goal of energy inspection is attaining maximum energy efficiency which enables financial stability of the enterprise. 

For what organizations is membership in SRO of energy auditors topical?

Under active legislation, the right to conduct energy inspections belongs exclusively to the subjects that are members of SROE. Concurrently, companies that have been granted membership in SRO of energy auditors, have a right to perform energy audit not only at exterior but also at their own objects.

It is also interesting for design organizations as it frees them fr om necessity to resort to another company’s services for registration of energy performance certificate for its production cycle objects.

Approval and its validity period

The official document confirming the right of an individual entrepreneur or organization to conduct energy inspections is the approval for works in the sphere of energy audit issued by SROE.

This approval has no validity period lim its. A reason for its termination might be voluntary withdrawal of the company from SRO of energy auditors or its expulsion from the self-regulating organization on legally provided basis. 

What time does it take to become member of SRO of energy auditors?

As a rule, it takes from 3 to 6 weeks to become a member of SRO, although a number of SRO allow a faster procedure.

The period of getting membership in SROE depends on both the applicant and the self-regulating organization itself, for example, remoteness of the applicant company (location) matters, as well as how fast the necessary membership fees have been paid and the needed set of documents submitted. 

Necessary fees and cost for membership in SROE

Name of the feePeriodicity Payment
Entrance fee One time from 10 000 to 25 000 RUB
Contribution to the compensation fund One time from 10 000 to 25 000 RUB
Membership fee Annually from 50 000 to 150 000 RUB

We provide consultations and legal assistance to clients whose activity is connected with improvement of energy efficiency in various spheres of economy and energy saving regardless of the scale of their business (a large company or individual entrepreneur).

Cooperation with «Expert Client Support Centre», thanks to the balanced system and high competence of the company’s experts, will enable you not only to become member of SRO of energy auditors but also save time which is very important for a successful and sustainable business.

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