Membership in SRO of fire safety (SROFS), SRO in the sphere of fire safety

Conditions of membership in SRO

Name of the feePeriodicity Payment
Entrance fee One time from 0 to 30 000 RUB
Contribution to the compensation fund One time from 30 000 to 50 000 RUB
Membership fee Monthly from 0 to 5 000 RUB

*Amount of fee depends on the chosen SRPFS and insurance company.

All below mentioned fees are official. Payments are made according to the agreement for bank accounts of the company providing legal services, SROFS and insurance company.

SRO of fire safety.jpg The period of getting membership in SROFS depends on how fast the necessary fees have been paid and the needed set of documents submitted

The liberalization of the licensing system in Russian Federation continues to improve and encompasses more and more new business spheres. Membership in SRO of fire safety will shortly be a necessary condition for continuation of core businesses’ legal activity.

On 8.01. 2010 Ministry of Economic Development has endorsed a bill on self-regulation in the sphere of fire safety. In six months, on July 6, 2010 the State Duma accepted in the first reading a draft federal law «On introducing amendments to certain regulatory acts of Russian Federation on matters of activity of self-regulating organizations in the sphere of fire safety» №305620-5.

Why membership in SRO of fire safety is recommended even today?

Even though currently MES license is the only authorization document, there is already a number of SROFSs, organized on a voluntary basis, and non-commercial partnerships in the sphere of fire safety seeking to be granted a status of a self-regulating organization. 

These non-commercial partnerships and SROs render comprehensive assistance to their members in the matters related to advanced training in fire safety sphere and specialist appraisal, provide complex informational and legal support thus ensuring stability of their business during the transaction period.

Besides, before ultimate abolition of licensing in this sphere, membership in SRO of fire safety is connected with additional advantages in the form of reduction of entrance and membership fees, lower insurance and more loyal conditions of membership.

You shouldn’t forget that after the law abolishing licensing in fire safety sphere comes into effect companies providing services without relevant approvals of self-regulating companies will bear administrative responsibility in the form of imposing of sanctions.

What is SRO of fire safety (SROFS)?

Self-regulating organizations of fire safety (short SROFS) are set up in the form of non-commercial partnerships and unite individual entrepreneurs, enterprises, organization of different ownership type, whose professional activity is connected with ensuring fire safety, installation of technical devices and systems for fire prevention systems (fire extinguishing, fire alarm systems).

For what enterprises is membership in SRO of fire safety necessary?

According to bill № 305620-5, approval of SROFS is necessary for enterprises and organizations conducting:

  • fire prevention and fire safety measures training for population;
  • manufacturing and testing of fire safety technical goods;
  • survey and design works;
  • inspections and scientific and technical consultations;
  • testing of constructions, equipment, products, materials and substances for fire safety;
  • works with pipes and burners and fire protective works;
  • installation and repair works as well as technical maintenance of fire protection systems;
  • maintenance and repair of primary means of fire extinguishing, fire safety equipment;
  • restoration of quality parameters of fire extinguishing agents;
  • independence assessment of fire risk.

We are ready to help you to see in details into the matter of the unknown to you procedure of getting membership in in non-commercial partnership and self-regulating organization. Wide experience of cooperation with SRO gives us an opportunity to choose the non-commercial partnership or SRO bets suiting the specific characters of your activity. Please note that a company applying for membership in SRO has to prepare a certain set of documents. This issue will also be professionally dealt with by our specialists.

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