Issuing an approval of SRO of builders for FREE

Types of work Performance period* Service form Cost
Conventional works1-2 days «turnkey» OUR SERVICES ARE FREE
With the function (s) of the general contractor 1-3 days «turnkey» OUR SERVICES ARE FREE
The types of work on the high-risk, technically complex objects 2-3 days «turnkey» OUR SERVICES ARE FREE

*cost and service performance period can vary depending on the quality of the set of documents submitted by the company, chosen studying programs, number of employees in the company List of document for membership in SRO of builders

Competitive advantages of getting membership in SRO in CESK

  • We are one of the first expert organizations in the SRO of building sphere on the market.
  • We have been working in the sphere of self-regulation since introduction of this institute.
  • More than a thousand clients have been granted approval for the alleged types of works.
  • Wide choice of reliable SROs in different regions.
  • Our expert services are absolutely free!

Client’s operation procedure for «Membership in SRO» service

Placing a call or an online request for the service.
Receiving consultation fr om a specialist.
Sending the list of alleged types of works in accordance with Order №624 of Ministry of the Regional Development of Russian Federation (Minregion)
Receiving cost calculation based on the chosen (best for the specific case) SRO, qualification of the organization’s staff etc.
Receiving recommendations regarding membership and suggestions for solving problems at getting membership or receiving the missing documents.
Sending the details of the company for drafting of the services agreement.
Paying for the services, submitting necessary documents.
Receiving, either personally in the office or by post, of the Approved for the alleged types of works.

 On 1.01.2009 certain amendments were introduced into legislation of Russian Federation according to which the institute of self-regulating organizations (SRO) came into operation. Licensing of design works, engineering surveys and construction has stopped. Thus, membership in SRO has become obligatory.

 Today, SRO of builders is a solid ground for development and improvement of the construction market. Representatives of the professional community unite to complete the key task facing the self-regulation institute – increase in quality of construction and its safety. Besides, self-regulation provides for better awareness of all professional parties in the sphere.

«CESK» LLC will provide informational and consulting assistance to construction companies regarding the choice of the best self-regulating organization for them, preparation and legalization of the set of documents, necessary for  membership in SRO, as well as getting relevant approval for the alleged types of works.

«CESK» LLC has all necessary resource materials on the basis of which we provide advanced training for builders, energy auditors and other specialists in full compliance with imposed requirements. Besides, «CESK» LLC as an accredited certification head agency has a right to provide services for ISO 9001 GOST R ISO 9001-2011) certification quality management system compliant with ISO international standards at your enterprise.

If you are facing such problem as membership in SRO, we would like to underline that you are not lim ited in your right to become a member of several organizations, and that the received approval for the alleged types of works will be valid all over the territory of Russian Federation.

To order a service or consult with an expert:

  • +7 (495) 649-85-78 – for Moscow;
  • +7 (812) 648-29-68 – for St. Petersburg;
  • 8 (800) 555-02-78 – free multichannel line for the regions.