Autonomous membership in SRO. Remove courses and online support

Program of the course «Autonomous membership in SRO» Cost of the course

1. Common information regarding membership.

2. How to decide whether you need to become a member in SRO.

3. Choosing ideal SRO.

4. Calculation of qualification composition of the organization, requirements for specialists.

5. Example of filling in the documents needed.

6. Payments in SRO, paying fee for the compensation fund by installment. 

10 000 RUB.

Autonomous membership in SRO.jpg By implementing the system of self-regulation the country trusts the professional community to work out standards and rules of professional and entrepreneurial activity and implement control over their fulfillment. Having demonstrated its effectiveness in the sphere of construction where membership in SRO is obligatory for legal conduct of business, the institute of self-regulation is now embracing more and more spheres of economy, gradually replacing licensing. Thus, more and more entrepreneurs realize the importance of membership in a specialized self-regulating organization.

Every entrepreneur or organization can autonomously become a member in SRO However, one has to take into account that this process is quite complicated and requires a lot of time to gather the information needed. Assistance of professionals can help you make the procedure of getting SRO membership a lot easier and avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Consulting and methodical center «ECSC» Llc. has a proven track record of cooperation with many self-regulating organizations, and invites you to take a remote course « Autonomous membership in SRO».

Accomplished subject matter specialists in the sphere of SRO membership, who can guarantee legal and competent implementation of every step regarding SRO membership procedure, will be working with you.

Based on the vast information base and constant analysis of conditions for membership in and operation principles of SRO in various spheres of economy, experts of «ECSC» will offer you the following within the course «Autonomous membership in SRO»:

  • consultations (not more than 30 min.);
  • written answers to the questions (not more than 5 questions);
  • materials on issues of interest (in written form);
  • examples and templates of filling in the certificates needed (there are limitations depending on the demands of a certain SRO);
  • online support within 30 days.

Dear clients! If for some reasons you are not ready for getting autonomous membership in SRO, or you are interested to conduct the procedure in a shorter period of time, «ECSC» Llc. is ready to take upon itself the registration of membership in an appropriate self-regulating organization.

To order a service or consult with an expert:

  • +7 (495) 649-85-78 – for Moscow;
  • +7 (812) 648-29-68 – for St. Petersburg;
  • 8 (800) 555-02-78 – free multichannel line for the regions.
Программа курса «Самостоятельное вступление в СРО» Стоимость курса
1. Общая информация по вступлению. 2. Как определить, нужно ли вступать в СРО. 3. Подбор оптимального СРО. 4. Расчет квалификационного состава организации, требования к специалистам. 5. Образцы заполнения необходимых документов. 7. Платежи в СРО, взнос в компенсационный фонд в рассрочку.